Originally created 02/16/02

Send him up for judgment

Lawyers for convicted kidnapper/rapist/murderer Alexander Williams are trying to make the case that, because Williams is mentally ill, he should not be put to death as scheduled Monday.

They're trying to make the case that it's cruel and unusual to execute someone who is insane.

Is Williams insane? Death penalty opponents say he is schizophrenic; but then again, they don't want anyone executed and they look for every possible avenue to prevent the death penalty from being imposed.

A case could be made that all cold-blooded killers are mentally ill. In that case, we wouldn't execute any of them - cop killers included - but instead give them a lifetime supply of happy pills and endless access to psychologists and support groups.

Williams committed his crime in 1986, a month shy of his 18th birthday. Maybe he was mentally ill or maybe he was just a savage rapist/killer who took the life of 16-year-old Aleta Bunch.

Fifteen years later, he's made out to be a raving maniac who hears voices and is forcibly medicated. It's time to give him a different kind of "medication," and let God decide if he's to be granted eternal life.

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