Originally created 02/16/02

PETA terrorism charge denied

Regarding Paul F. Beck's Feb. 8 letter wherein he equates People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals with terrorist groups. In this era of post Sept. 11, serious accusations such as this should be addressed and corrected.

PETA's "agenda" is to educate the public. They often obtain undercover video footage of animal cruelty in labs, marine parks, circuses, zoos and anywhere else animal abuse rears its ugly head. They reveal the filthy horrors of the slaughterhouse in true muckraker fashion.

PETA peacefully advocates a cruelty-free lifestyle by educating folks about removing once-living beings from their menus and off their backs. They provide resources for low cost spay/neuter programs, stray rescue and adoption. And, yes, they were there in New York City helping to reunite the World Trade Center families with their beloved animal companions.

PETA does oppose the use of animal experimentation/viva-section in medical research, and I'll tell you why. Animals have different reactions to drugs than people. For example, aspirin is toxic to cats and ineffective in fever for equines. Benzene causes leukemia in humans but not in mice, and so on.

So much evidence has accumulated about the differences in the effects chemicals have on animals and humans that often the government does not act on animal study findings. With our advanced technology, quantum pharmacology and in-vitro tests give us far greater protection than tests on animals ...

Tracey R. Duncan, Martinez, Ga.


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