Originally created 02/16/02

Suggest all non-profits be exempted from sales tax

Bravo on your Feb. 7 editorial ("Ax firefighter tax") that "volunteer fire departments should be granted the same (sales tax) exemption."

There are many other non-profit organizations who deserve the same exemption. All legitimate non-profit organizations who rely on thousands of volunteers to provide services for our communities would benefit from not having to pay sales tax on consumable goods and services.

In the current state of affairs, with little or no growth in government support for non-profits, such an exclusion would most likely result in more and higher quality services for our communities.

Many of us would like to see our legislators take this a step further, and not require non-profits to charge and collect sales tax on services sold (such as tickets to concerts, theater, the ballet). Or, if this is untenable, allow the sales tax collected by non-profits to stay within our communities (for example, such funds could provide a revenue stream for building a performing arts center in Augusta - a need that's been discussed for over 30 years, I've been told).

Sandra S. Self, Augusta


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