Originally created 02/15/02

Ban Tyson in Georgia

Mike Tyson was found to be morally unfit to fight for the heavyweight championship in "Sin City," and now Georgia seeks to have the fight in Atlanta? Is our state to be a moral midget compared to Nevada, the nation's legal den of iniquity for gambling, prostitution and other nefarious activities?

Gov. Roy Barnes must put a stop to it. Boxing, remember, is supposed to be a sport. Imagine, if you will, that an out-of-control John Daly attacked Tiger Woods at the Masters, biting off the champion's ear and chewing on his thigh. Daly, at a minimum, would be banned from the sport of golf, probably forever - and rightfully so.

Well, Tyson does deserve to be banned; he has bitten off the ear and chewed on his rivals. Boxing should, on its own, bar this mental case from fighting, that is if it's to maintain respect as a legitimate sport and not a blood sport. If not, then Barnes must act. Georgia doesn't need blood money.


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