Originally created 02/15/02

Democrats take country downhill

I can't understand why people keep voting Democrat. Can't anyone figure it out that every time we come out of a Democratic-run White House, we are in the economic dumper?

People should make themselves a simple graph and realize that what a president does in office takes years for the results to be felt. When a president leaves office, that's when you can tell if he was a good leader. It doesn't matter where the line on the graph is; it just matters where it's pointing - up or down.

When former President Jimmy Carter left office, the line was as low as it could go. When former President Ronald Reagan left office, it was on the rise. When former President George Bush left, it was still going up.

Former President Bill Clinton enjoyed a nice high line but in 1998 it started going down. In 2000 and 2001, it was again falling off the chart.

The fact is when Republicans leave office, we're always going up. When Democrats leave office, we're always headed for or in recession. Do you see the pattern? Give Republicans the chance they deserve and quit believing the liberals' lies or spins.

Ronnie Bridges, Thomson, Ga.


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