Originally created 02/15/02

GOP ruins economy in record time

Republicans can't help it. It seems that they have a natural ability to destroy the U.S. economy in record time.

When George W. Bush was appointed to the presidency, we had a surplus of several hundred billion dollars. A year later, he robbed the Social Security trust fund to give his wealthy corporate friends a tax cut, resulting in a projected $100 billion deficit for the coming year.

He is a chip off the old block because former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George (Daddy) Bush added several trillion dollars to our national debt and left former President Bill Clinton a legacy of $200-$300 billion annual deficits. Mr. Clinton not only eliminated the deficits and began to pay down the debt, he left President Bush with a large surplus.

I'm sure President Bush will use terrorism as an excuse for his lack of leadership ability but, hopefully, the American people will wise up by 2004 and send him back to Texas. Meanwhile, I hope we will search for the truth in Enron, because President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are up to their eye teeth in that travesty.

Anne Cook, Augusta


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