Originally created 02/12/02

Why it's hard to be optimistic

Have you noticed how increasingly difficult it is to remain optimistic about the world around us today?

Here we have the American Pediatric Association giving their stamp of approval to homosexuals rearing children with no regard to the likely damage done to them physically and emotionally. Did they do a long-term study that showed positive results? I think not.

We have the ethnic minority (mainly blacks) preferring minority rule over majority rule, e.g. flag changing, Ebonics over correct English, reparations, defacing historical statues - what's next? Martin Luther King on Mount Rushmore?

It doesn't surprise many people just how corrupt Enron honchos really are judging from the manner in which they operated customer service since the energy utilities became deregulated. Through their campaigns and telemarketing, they have defrauded countless Americans with fraudulent services and billing.

To all the bleeding-heart liberals: Yeah, former President Bill Clinton is gone, but the eight year's worth of damage he accomplished has not and may never be gone.

Andy Chandler, Augusta


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