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New-furniture decisions

Buying your first piece of new furniture can be a milestone. It might mean that you're finally independent or that you've settled down in one place or even that you've started making enough money for new furniture instead of pieces "inherited" from family members.

The Augusta Chronicle wants to talk to readers who are considering buying their first major piece of furniture or those who've recently made such a purchase.

Readers can fax information, including a description of the furniture, to Alisa DeMao, The Augusta Chronicle newsroom, (706) 722-7403. E-mail entries to ademao@augustachronicle.com. Telephone messages can be left through the INFOLINE system at 442-4444, Ext. 8184.

Please include your name, address, and daytime and evening phone numbers. The deadline for entries is Sunday.


A Berry special guest star

Actress Halle Berry makes a guest performance on Fox's The Bernie Mac Show that puts the show's star in hot water.

The episode, Handle Your Business, opens with Bernie Mac being interviewed on a radio station. When asked with whom he would like his wife to give him a "free pass," he replies "Halle Berry," not realizing how much friction the statement will cause with his spouse, Wanda (Kellita Smith).

Ms. Berry will show up in a fantasy sequence - only it's not Bernie's dream, it's Wanda's. The show airs at 9 p.m. Wednesday on WFXG-TV (Channel 54).

Bernie Mac is about a standup comedian who suddenly becomes a father figure when he takes custody of his sister's three children.

Ms. Berry was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the film Monsters Ball. She also has appeared in the films X-Men and Swordfish.

TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Movie director Franco Zeffirelli is 79. Sportscaster Joe Garagiola is 76. Keyboardist Ray Manzarek of the Doors is 63. Singer Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers is 50. Actor-talk show host Arsenio Hall is 47. Singer Chynna Phillips of Wilson Phillips is 34. Actor Josh Brolin in 34. Actress Christina Ricci is 22.

YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Although you start out with great promise, you run into a challenge later. It could be partially due to your success. Don't let money change you or drive a wedge between you and a friend. Always remember that love is more important.


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