Originally created 02/11/02

America's heroes emerge as they are needed

If one looks back on the history of leadership in our country, whenever a catastrophe has occurred, often out of nowhere a hero appears and guides us to victory. It is obvious that God provides such a person.

George Washington and his ragtag armies defeated King George's English armies to give his young country freedom.

Abraham Lincoln, with his supreme effort and belief in God, kept our country from being divided.

Franklin Roosevelt, with his patriotic enthusiasm, motivated us to unite, work hard, sacrifice and win the war against Nazism.

Ronald Reagan set the stage to remove the Berlin Wall, crumble communism, end the Cold War and lead our country to a strong economy.

President George W. Bush, on the same day of the Sept. 11 tragedy, took the reins of leadership to conquer terrorism here and abroad. His picture reflects one of character, good morals and that he is a God-fearing man. Also, he has fire in his belly and when it explodes, he gets things rolling.

Imagine if Al Gore or former President Bill Clinton were in charge; our country would be like a chicken with its head cut off.

Carl W. Rafoth, Augusta


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