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Across South Carolina

Baptist missionaries told to OK document

GREENVILLE -Baptist missionaries have been told to sign statements affirming the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message, a document that stirred outcries for saying women shouldn't be senior pastors and should "submit graciously" to their husbands.

The International Mission Board's action stirs questions among Southern Baptists who argue that a creed is being imposed. The board oversees 5,100 Southern Baptist missionaries around the world.

"When they passed the 2000 rendition of the Baptist Faith & Message, they said they would not require missionaries already under appointment to sign it," said Dr. Paul Moore, the pastor of Sans Souci Baptist Church in Greenville. "Now suddenly these missionaries who have faithfully been proclaiming the gospel for 30-plus years are doctrinally suspect unless they sign this human creed."

Baptists historically have rejected creeds, which are authoritative statements of belief.

Nightclub owner faces SLED bribery charges

GREENVILLE -A nightclub owner has been arrested after trying to bribe a State Law Enforcement Division agent, authorities say.

Tito Guevara, 31, alledgely tried to pay the SLED alcohol enforcement agent $600 up front and $1,000 each month to keep police away from his club, Margaritas.

Mr. Guevara is charged with giving or offering bribes and offering, giving or soliciting money to influence the actions of a public official.

Beaufort County looks at mobile home tax

BEAUFORT -Beaufort County officials are considering taxing new mobile homes to pay to remove old ones.

The county wants to charge $500 to $1,000 when people buy new mobile homes, County Administrator John Kachmar said.

"The first hurdle is to see if it's legal," Mr. Kachmar said. "But we have a problem with dilapidated mobile homes. There's no question it's an eyesore."

The county demolished six dilapidated mobile homes recently, said Eddie Bellamy, Beaufort County's public works director. The county pays to destroy the home and haul the debris to a Jasper County landfill.


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