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Resume objectives should be focused

"OBJECTIVE: Assertive, self-motivated and goal-oriented individual seeks a position that utilizes my computer training and experience and/or bartending skills."

No sense limiting your options.

Resume objectives should be focused and to the point, indicating the type of position you seek and why it's important to you. Unfortunately, this next resume writer was a little too ambiguous.

"OBJECTIVE: My objective is to set goals that are in my range of accomplishment at this point in my life by having focus, determination and willpower."

Is there a job description somewhere in there?

"OBJECTIVE: I have hi expectations for myself and hope one day to achieve millionaire status."

Nothing like setting your sights "hi."

This next resume writer listed her skills - and her years of experience using them. It took up space that could have been better served focusing on actual positions held and the responsibilities that went with them. Here's what she wrote:

"Microsoft Word - 3 years

"Microsoft Excel - 3 years

"Lotus Notes - 2 years

"Windows 98 - 2 years

"E-Mail - 7 years

"Written Communication - 5 years

"Verbal Communication - 10 years"

Hopefully, some of these years overlapped.

"OBJECTIVE: I would like to find a job where I feel useful or part of something."

With a little effort, you'll be able to achieve both goals.

"OBJECTIVE: To secure a future for my family and me."

This may appeal to the hiring manager's sentimental side but it's best to keep it professional when submitting a resume.

"OBJECTIVE: To feel like I am making a positive difference in life."

Again, the motives are commendable but a prospective employer will need more to go on when evaluating you for a position. This type of mission statement might be more appropriate for the cover letter, which allows you to go into more detail on your motivations.

Speaking of general objectives:

"OBJECTIVE: I am very interested in any position you may have available. Please review my resueme and contact me."

This one, unfortunately, has two strikes against it. The misspelled "resume" and the directive to hiring managers to call. Unless the job listing specifies "no calls," it's a good idea to tell the company that you will contact them in a few days to follow up. It shows initiative on your part and gives you the opportunity to sell them again on your qualifications.

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(Max Messmer is chairman and CEO of Robert Half International Inc., a specialized staffing firm, and author of Managing Your Career For Dummies and Job Hunting For Dummies. For more Resumania, please visit www.resumania.com.)


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