Originally created 02/10/02

Martin Luther King was no saint

I can't decide what bothers me most: the fanatical garbage that flows out of the so-called Re. Tim Fellows' mouth faster than common sense out the window of the Augusta Commission's chambers, or the fact that he has actually said something I find myself agreeing with.

Not only did his Jan. 29 letter concerning Martin Luther King Jr. make sense, as bad as I hate to say it, I have to commend the man for having the backbone to speak the truth when everyone else is still treating Mr. King as if he was actually the real Jesus.

What I find really interesting is that due to his less-than-saintly lifestyle, the man who has been lifted up since his death to a level just shy of sainthood most likely died an unrepentant sinner and is subject to be at Satan's barbecue. I guess there is a God after all.

Ray Tanner, Trenton, S.C.


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