Originally created 02/10/02

Commissioners raise taxes, line pockets

We don't have commissioners doing their jobs. We have the "Augusta Supreme Court" looking out for themselves and their friends. I thought when the two new ones went in it might make a difference. It didn't.

They raise taxes, cut out T.O.T.E., close senior centers, stop Meals on Wheels, force garbage pickup on us that we don't want, which is also an increase in taxes, so the commissioners can get more in their pockets.

Why don't we go back to the way it was before consolidation? Everything was better. We could forget about City Administrator George Kolb's $95,000 assistant, send Mr. Kolb back where he came from and let the commissioners and the mayor do the job they are supposed to do, instead of running after Amtrak.

They could get the budget in shape if they got rid of their friends and deadwood.

If Mr. Kolb is going to hire and fire, what good is the "Supreme Court" and Mayor Bob Young? What are their jobs? Turning Mr. Kolb loose with the hiring and firing authority would be like turning him loose in a candy store with a free charge card.

Oliver Croft, Augusta


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