Originally created 02/10/02

Did school give up on her child?

I have a first-time student in the public school system. My biggest concern before my child entered was his safety. This was based on all the things we hear and see in the media about children and weapons in school.

There was a brief documentary on the subject on one of our local TV stations. I thought as a single parent of two, that would be my only concern with the public schools. What has happened in the last six months has me concerned.

My child was enrolled in a public school and was expelled. My child was a participant in the Georgia Pre-k Program. The child began to experience difficulties in the classroom. The teacher, principal, teacher's assistant and I began to work together... Then my child was no longer allowed to go to that particular school due to his behavior.

As I began the withdrawal process, I was approached by the teacher's assistant who told me that maybe the child's behavior was due to a single-parent household. She proceeded to say that she understood how my child could be so bad because he didn't have a father around.

I felt totally discriminated against, and I don't know if I would enroll my child in that public school or any other public school for that matter.

We, as parents, are really concerned about weapons and drugs in schools, but what about staff who give up on students? These children are our future, and we are responsible for them. Whoever heard of expelling a child from the pre-k program, anyway?

Victoria Griffin, Hephzibah, Ga.

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