Originally created 02/08/02

Cat-owners' pets killed by trappers?

I am a new resident of Edgefield Heights in North Augusta. Since moving here, I have lost two cats. I would have lost my third if she had not cried out.

My cats were in and out during the day and in at night but, for some reason, we could not find them. A neighbor was trapping my cats and either killing them or dumping them off somewhere.

Another neighbor is also a trapper and has bragged to other residents that he kills them. The trap is going back and forth between the two. I have talked with neighbors who have lost their cats, and they know in their hearts that these two men are responsible. Others are concerned for their animals' safety.

I had been told by the police that they can trap but, to me, they are enticing them by putting food into the cage and are not following the law by taking them to the pound, rather they are dumping or killing them because they do not want them back in the area...

To me, this is animal cruelty and needs to be addressed. No animal deserves this treatment. Just because they do not like animals, it doesn't give them the right to take away a family's pet...

I encourage all residents of this neighborhood to stand up and stop these men from doing any more harm to our pets.

L. Deslandes, North Augusta, S.C.


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