Originally created 02/08/02

Kids will miss dads killed Sept. 11

Todd Beamer, a passenger on flight 93 on Sept. 11, led a revolt ("Let's roll") against the hijackers that crashed the plane in Pennsylvania, instead of Washington, D.C. Everyone on that plane died, but Beamer and other passengers' heroic action saved God only knows how many lives on the ground.

When his wife, Lisa, had a baby girl this month, she was named Morgan - Mr. Beamer's middle name. She became one of at least 21 children born since Sept. 11 whose fathers died on that date.

None of them will ever have their father tuck them in bed, kiss them goodnight, play with them in the park or teach them how to ride a bike. Their dads will never pull them in a little red wagon, attend ball games or music recitals, graduations, weddings or play with their children.

Many more children who were old enough to have known their fathers or, at least, have a picture of their dad with them will never again receive the love, devotion, comfort and support that their fathers gave them before Sept. 11.

Buildings can be rebuilt, but I will not forget the devastation inflicted against these children and all the wives, husbands, mothers and fathers of those who died. I will not forget that, after the first plane hit one of the Twin Towers, Osama bin Laden gleefully told his followers, "Just wait."

And I will not forget the devastation inflicted against all Americans by those who don't believe in freedom of speech and freedom of, thereby from, religion.

Richard Amundson, Augusta


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