Originally created 01/25/02

'Chronicle's' MLK article a blunder

We seldom write to the editor regarding Chronicle content, but the Jan. 21 article on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. deserves a strong comment.

From our perspective, The Chronicle made one of its all-time blunders and did it front and center on Page 1A. This day is nationally recognized for the singular accomplishments of the Rev. King. The Chronicle had a sterling opportunity to provide history and civic lessons during the celebration of a life too early ended, however staff writer Timothy Cox and the management chose to cast a shadow across the celebration with its headline, "MLK: a tarnished legacy?".

If there is a story about the King family's business decisions, it was for another day. The insensitivity of this article is a disservice to our community and deserves a big front page apology.

Why did our major newspaper have to choose to cause hurt, anger and disappointment on a day that could have been made more special? This is at the least an act of journalistic bad judgment, impacting on all races who live in our diverse area.

We ask that you stand up and say, "I'm sorry." Lots of folks will be waiting to see if you recognize your mistake.

Doug and Muriel Buchholz, Augusta


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