Originally created 01/24/02

God is gracing Bush's presidency

This is in response to columnist William Raspberry's question in his recent musings on Jan. 15 titled, "The incredible shrinking Al Gore." His reflections on the past presidential election are commendable in their transparency.

Mr. Raspberry asks, "Why is it that one man in the presidential contest that split America almost precisely down the middle seems (in my mind, at least) to have grown, the other diminished?" I submit the answer lies in God, the higher power.

For God to intervene in a person's life, one must believe the entire Bible as truth, accept the sacrifice Christ made as a personal indwelling release from one's original sin, then contend with the ways of the world by following the teachings of Christ and his appointed followers.

I believe President George W. Bush is one who has so dedicated his life that the power of God is gracing this presidency.

Wheldon Hair, Harlem, Ga.


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