Originally created 01/24/02

Sen. Walker a great Augusta asset

I read with interest The Chronicle's Jan. 6 front page article, "A question of ethics."

The writers of the article stated that the State Ethics Commission would take up a complaint on Jan. 11 accusing Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, of failing to reveal his business connections with Atlanta and Augusta medical institutions that depend on the Legislature for funding.

I recalled what an elderly white gentleman told me several months ago in the hallway of the Augusta-Richmond County Municipal Building. He said he knew my daddy because he sold groceries in the late 1950s for a local company that did business with my father, who was a grocer.

He said my daddy was a smart and honest man, and I was pleased to hear his compliments. As we talked, Sen. Walker passed by while heading to the elevator.

The senator nodded at both of us and said, "Hey Tracy, haven't seen you lately." The gentleman asked immediately, "You know Walker?" I told him yes, that I had known Mr. Walker for many years.

"Walker has gotten too big, too big - we've got to do something," the man said. "If he keeps going like he is, he will be governor one day, and I don't think he will make a good governor. We've got to stop him."

A lot of people are harboring such sentiments: Mr. Walker must be stopped and a way must be found to stop him. I am begging Sen. Walker's supporters to come forward tell the public what an asset the Augusta area has with him representing us in Atlanta. I see too many affluent and influential people going to his office daily who are too quiet. Come forward people, come forward. We need the senator.

Tracy E. Williams Jr., Augusta


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