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Empty Stocking Fund benefits many

The Augusta Chronicle's Empty Stocking Fund helped 1,359 families throughout the area this holiday season.

Contributions totaled $95,124.43, which is $2,081.60 less than in 2000.

"I think it is just phenomenal the way this community pulled together with such generosity," said Julian Miller, the general manager of The Chronicle. "To come within $2,000 of matching last year in what has been a difficult time for many shows our spirit to help others."

The Empty Stocking Fund received 2,408 applications in 2001. The following is the final list of contributors to the 2001 Empty Stocking Fund:

Previously acknowledged: $80,366.36

Anonymous $100.00

First Baptist Church 5-Year-Old Kindergarten $43.39

The PQ Corp. $995.00

The 12 Bands of X-Mas/Rocking the Stocking, 95 Rock, Imperial Theatre, Lokal Loudress, The Soul Bar $2,375.00

Willie Crawford III $30.00

Jessie R. Dees $50.00

Jimmy & Joanne $25.00

In Loving memory of my parents, Marsden and Wenona Averette from Elaine $100.00

In memory of Paul Swift $10.00

French Club at Glenn Hills High School $25.00

"In appreciation for the sacrifices & dedication of the rescue workers, firefighters & policemen of Sept. 11 tragedy" $50.00

Marcus Gerard Holston $50.00

In loving memory of Kevin R. Douglas $25.00

Dr. & Mrs. John F. Blumer III $100.00

Evans High School Family, Career and Community Leaders of America $25.00

Mrs. A. Nonny Mouse $25.00

Rebecca R. Stiegel $20.00

Douglas & Leslie Mann $100.00

In memory of Dad $15.00

In memory of Robert R. Todd $25.00

Outreach Inc. $1,180.00

Pink T Davis & Felicia C Hall $25.00

Employees of L-J Inc. $500.00

In honor of Livi Packard's 1st birthday $100.00

Lauren and Phillipe Erramuzpe $100.00

In memory of those Creech who have gone to be with the Lord $25.00

Barbara Stenstrom $100.00

In memory of Jack & BB $50.00

Edwin & Faith Bertsche $50.00

In memory of Kitty & Cynthia $50.00

Philip & Marlene Zapp $45.00

Anonymous $10.00

Edward & Dianne Gladd $50.00

Norman & Carolyn Waddell $15.00

In memory of Katie $25.00

In memory of Alexander Mura Sr., Eleanor O. Mura and Anne Mura $25.00

In memory of Berry Justice, Agnes Justice and Artie Justice $25.00

Virginia Garrett $25.00

Women's Golf Association at Midland Valley Country Club $80.00

Anonymous $5.00

Memory of parents $50.00

In loving memory of my husband A.J. Lewis and my son Ray Dixon $20.00

In memory of Grandmother Woodward $100.00

In loving memory of Odette Godbee Daniels $25.00

Larry & Emmerstine Mackie $50.00

Anonymous $500.00

Lehman & Mary Overman $25.00

In memory of Gussie Perkins from her family $25.00

In memory of Richard Servais $100.00

Eugene & Audrey Binet $100.00

Roy & Geraldine Atkins $20.00

Mr & Mrs. L.J. Wall $25.00

In memory of Betty Click $100.00

In memory of Maria Romines and Ralph & Jack Jernigan $30.00

In memory of Aaron Jennings $50.00

John S. Davidson Fine Arts School $150.00

In loving memory of our dear parents - Andrew, Daisy Mims, Murphy & our Lybrand $25.00

In memory of Harold F. Bargeron, Charles R. Bargeron, Mary Lynn Bargeron & Gloria (Shirley) Loner $35.00

In memory of Claudia Davis & John Holt $30.00

Joy Fender $25.00

Gail Gladue $25.00

In memory of Billy G. Boggs $10.00

In honor of Myron Betty Collins $200.00

Memory of Ruth Foxx Joe Governski $50.00

Anonymous $200.00

Chong & James Reynolds $75.00

C.J. Trommerhauser and L.T. Landis $50.00

Calvin & Mary Jones $25.00

In memory of Johnny Johnson, love, Doug, Sue, Cindy, Seth, Tiffany and Emily $150.00

Richard Parris $25.00

On behalf of the Martinez/Wans service unit team of Girl Scouts $40.00

Men's Group at Barton Chapel United Methodist Church $100.00

In memory of Granpa $50.00

Anonymous $8.00

Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa $50.00

Brianna Anderson $10.00

In memory of and appreciation for Fred Allen, retired Columbia County educator, from the faculty, staff and students of Lakeside High School $1,002.18

Kevin Anderson $3.00

In memory of Dickie Grice $50.00

Anonymous $100.00

Lannice E. Fryer Sr. and Lannice E. Fryer Jr. $50.00

Anonymous $10.00

Glenn Hills High School Spanish Club $20.00

Johnson, Laschober & Associates P.C. $350.00

In memory of Henry, Erin, Toad, Bay, Berta & Poss $25.00

In memory of our parents W.O. McCary & Connie & Leona Flanders, our grandson Nolan Ford from Rudolph & Shirley McCary $50.00

Frederick Klippert $100.00

In memory of Ward Claussen $25.00

Reynolds & Kathy Jarvis $50.00

In Memory of Joseph and Jean Book $50.00

Paula & Mark Farmer $25.00

Bryant Mack III $50.00

Michael Wolff $250.00

Merry Christmas $25.00

In memory of Bill and Eldee Sparkman, Bobby Sparkman and Vann Burrus $100.00

In memory of little baby $40.00

Paul F Thiele $100.00

Michael & Robin Dudley $100.00

Bernard & Pauline Porter $20.00

North Harlem Elementary Chorus $20.00

39-27 Disciples Inc. $100.00

That's Right - From Harry Potter $75.00

In memory of Roger Denning $100.00

In memory of Izzie & Bertha Simon $50.00

In loving memory of Michael W Baker - From Mother Beth $10.00

In loving memory of Raymond Burbine/Kathy/Debbie/Sarah from Rolano $40.00

"In loving memory of Mr. Medina" $100.00

"From Carla Hatten" $50.00

Robert & Cynthia Owens $25.00

Anonymous $25.00

"From: Partha S. Mukherjee" $20.00

"From the employees of Dixie Riverside Inc. and A & A Vending in honor of Ed Perry" $526.00

In honor of Mrs. Page Blount & Ms. Camy Powell from the Pre-K4 Class at First Baptist Church $270.00

"In memory of Bill Cook" $50.00

Anonymous $2.50

In memory of Mary Ann Blanchard $50.00

Anonymous $1,000.00

Augusta Mall $243.00

On behalf of Larry Mackie from Steve, Sherman and Brumitte $30.00

Jane & Michael Webb $50.00

Dorothy & Patsy Battle $100.00

Total today: $14,758.07

Total this year: $95,124.43

Previously acknowledged: "In honor of our four fabulous grandchildren, Phillip Smith, William Smith, Adam Smith and Lauren Burroughs from PaPa and GyGy."


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