Originally created 01/14/02

Burmeister to fight

Freshman state Rep. Sue Burmeister, R-Augusta, just made two important announcements.

First, it's certain: She will seek to unseat Speaker Pro Tem Jack Connell. Redistricted out of her safe GOP district by the Democratic Legislature last year, she has moved into a precinct to enable her to run against the aging veteran Augusta lawmaker with strong ties to powerful House Speaker Tom Murphy, D-Bremen.

Second, Burmeister announced she would introduce a bill to give Augusta's mayor veto power over city commission votes - a longtime reform sought by the city's more progressive elements, but which, short of a miracle, has no chance of passing. It's opposed by most Democrats on the legislative delegation, including Senate Majority Leader Charles Walker, D-Augusta, who could block passage of the measure all by himself.

Even so, urging veto power for the mayor will give Burmeister a strong good-government issue to run on next fall in her uphill battle against Connell.


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