Originally created 01/14/02

Kennedy show is funny but not funny enough

Not all experiments work. Everyone knows that. And soon everyone will know "JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment" is a failure.

A combination hidden camera and sketch comedy show, The WB's "JKX" tries hard, and Sunday night's first sketch is decent, but the rest crash and burn.

Kennedy, who had roles in the films "Scream" and "Three Kings," dons wigs and costumes to little comedic effect. In a tape provided for review, one sketch features an unwitting studio audience that thinks they're watching the taping of an infomercial. The "Insta-Cooker" being sold goes on the fritz, injuring a "volunteer" from the audience, much to the dismay of the crowd. The bit goes on far too long and it's more pathetic than funny.

The first sketch on the tape is the best, but one funny scene does not make a show worth watching. In that segment, Kennedy dresses in a white tank top as a white rapper who is introduced by his "girlfriend" to her proper mother and sister, who are rightfully apalled.

The boyfriend declares he's representin' his hood, Malibu. He says his day's been dope.

"JKX" is just dopey.

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