Originally created 01/14/02

Man signs up for rehab; brings drugs

OXNARD, Calif. - A man was arrested on suspicion of drug possession and sales after he left a fanny pack containing drugs at a drug rehabilitation center where he had just signed up for treatment, police said.

According to police, Steven Holbrook, 42, had just signed up for substance rehabilitation Tuesday and left the center, leaving behind a fanny-pack containing methamphetamines.

The pack was found by clinic workers and reported to police. As officers were investigating the drugs, Holbrook called the clinic to inform workers he had left behind a fanny pack and was on his way to pick it up.

When Holbrook returned to the clinic, he was arrested. He gave police permission to search his residence and told them where other drugs could be found there, police said.

Officers said they found large amounts of methamphetamines and sales paraphernalia at the home.


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