Originally created 01/14/02

Irate fast-food customer's beef is a Whopper

SANDUSKY, Ohio - Fast-food employees aren't the only ones flinging burgers.

An irate customer at a Burger King restaurant in Perkins Township near Sandusky, Ohio, threw a Whopper at a restaurant manager, police said.

The customer's complaint Monday? The sandwich wasn't the same as the one depicted on a Burger King billboard, he said.

Daniel Faggionato, Jr., 60, called police to complain that the restaurant had not served him a proper product.

"He said it didn't look anything like the billboard," police Sgt. Al Matthews said. "I can find some other things to be upset about."

According to police, Faggionato complained about the sandwich to Elizabeth Drake, a manager at the restaurant. She made him another, but Faggionato refused to accept the replacement Whopper, either.

"He stated that it still wasn't like the one in the picture and demanded a refund and threw it at her," Matthews said.

The airborne sandwich missed its target, he said.

Drake refunded Faggionato's money and declined to press charges, police said.

The customer was escorted from the restaurant by police and told not to return.


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