Originally created 01/13/02

Business owner hits back at whiners

Regarding the Coco Rubio letter of Jan. 8: To those whiners and crybabies who are upset because they didn't get to have their free New Year's Eve party at the expense of all the legitimate, decent, hard-working businesses on Broad Street, they need to get a life and grow up.

Long before they started serving overpriced tacos and beer, we have been consistently and staunchly dedicated to downtown Augusta with very credible businesses. Just because their friend at The Chronicle, John Bankston, has been giving them an unlimited platform for their self-serving and selfish opinions, don't think there are no limits.

They may think local government is a joke, but so are they. We will continue to oppose any event that requires the closing of Broad Street during business hours. We have major financial investments and commitments on Broad Street and in the downtown Augusta area.

Broad Street is a public thoroughfare. If you want a free party, have it at Riverwalk - an area intended for such events. But I guess that might not serve your special interest, which is to have a free street party at your small storefront. It might be a great way for you to increase your bar sales at the expense of the hard-working taxpayer but, other than that, it serves no useful purpose - especially during these times of cutbacks to many important programs and city services.

Bonnie Ruben, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is the owner of Ruben's Department Store on Broad Street.)


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