Originally created 01/13/02

No federal help for burial expenses

My sister died recently, and I applied to Social Security for the $255 they are supposed to send to apply to the burial expenses. My, what a shock. She could not receive this benefit.

Here are the criteria for receiving this huge amount of money to help with burial expenses: You have to be a surviving spouse, or a child living in the household receiving benefits under the deceased or a parent living in the same household with the deceased at the time of the death.

Now, this leaves out all of the single people who have no spouse or children and who are living on their own without sponging off their parents, or a widow or widower. I argued my point with the Social Security Commission, and you know how far I got.

I thought this information might be helpful to someone who thinks they can receive the $255 that is advertised by the media. The more people in my family who die, the more I learn. I should write a book titled, Pitfalls of Dying.

Juanita Scott, Jackson, S.C.


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