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Contrasting themes

The decorating scheme in the Kaminer household is a series of contrasts.

It's a blend of old and new, traditional and contemporary, classic and innovative.

Upon entering the home of Woody and Laura Kaminer in North Augusta's Bergen Place, a visitor would probably think it had a traditional theme throughout.

Off the foyer is a parlor that is pure Victorian, with antiques that include a period sofa, marble-topped tobacco tables with classic books and an old photograph on the piano.

Across the foyer is the dining room, with its traditional formal table and other antiques from Mrs. Kaminer's grandparents.

Their wedding china adorns the table, and other pieces from the wedding china, with its Fabrege egg print, are hung carefully on the walls.

Mrs. Kaminer made the floral-print window treatments, which match the upholstery on the dining-room chairs.

The kitchen is painted in a light terra cotta. With its white cabinets and rooster motifs on plates, rugs, lamps and window treatments, the kitchen has a contemporary country flavor. Mrs. Kaminer liked the orange color so much she decided to experiment with it in the master bedroom.

"(The kitchen) was where I got the idea," she said. "We darkened it up a couple of shades."

She admits she was a bit nervous when the first strokes of paint went on the light-pink walls in the bedroom, but she's not afraid of bold colors.

"I had a red bedroom in my old house," said Mrs. Kaminer.

The room has a slight jungle theme with prints of animals hanging above the bed.

While the room's colors are bold, Mrs. Kaminer said it's a peaceful place to read or pray.

The bold gives way to traditional elegance in the guest bedroom. The bed, a gift from her grandparents, dates to the 1870s.

"I love this bed," Mrs. Kaminer said.

Covered in vintage linens and an antique pillow, the bed was part of Mrs. Kaminer's bedroom suite as a child.

Instead of curtains, a free-standing screen is in front of the windows.

"The older look goes with the room," she said.

An antique school desk sits in the corner of the room, and another of the marble-topped tables is in another part of the room.

There is a quilt her grandmother made when Mrs. Kaminer's son Blake was born two years ago.

Down the hall is Blake and 4-year-old brother Bayle's room. The room has a treehouse theme.

The apple-tree border was there when the Kaminers moved into the home in July. But it fit in with Mrs. Kaminer's theme, so she kept it.

Tree limbs are faux curtain rods, and a crudely written "No Girls" sign adds to the outdoor theme. The boys' chest of drawers is painted an apple green to blend in with the rest of the room.

The upstairs laundry room is a cheery yellow. A white lace curtain is accented with tiny metal watering cans.

"It's good to have a cute laundry room,"she said. "I spend a lot of time in there."

While she's pleased with the overall look of her home, Mrs. Kaminer said she'll be decorating for years to come.

"I'm always painting something or rearranging something," she said. "Our running joke is when he (her husband) comes home, he always asks what I have done."


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