Originally created 01/05/02

News coverage crosses the line

I tip my hat (helmet of salvation) to Ms. Michelle Stewart on her letter of Dec. 30 for speaking out against the printing of articles like "Scholars challenge Jesus' birth ..." If this was the only commission of illegal, spiritual and divisive partisanship that The Chronicle was convicted of, it would not be so sad.

On top of this, they silenced competition and fair reporting by buying out the Columbia County News Times.

There are only two things that I take issue with in the letter concerning the printing of the liberal, anti-Christian banter of The Washington Post and other liberal papers. I did not call either of them a "news" paper like she did. The protection of the right to print, distribute and inform the citizens came at a very high cost and should be protected as constitutional freedom of the press, which was for many years - in the Cronkite era - held to the highest standards due to the effort to produce truth, with factual, evidential, non-biased, non-partisan presentations so that a "thinking" citizenry could be given the facts to make a rational, educated and informed conclusion.

Instead, today the paper gives us what to think and what conclusions to draw. They have clearly crossed the lines of division between that which is an opinion, an editorial, hearsay and that which is factual and evidential news.

Secondly, I believe the letter should have recommended and followed what I have done. I canceled my subscription as commanded to be separated from the world and so as not to support politically correct, selective half-truths that are used to support self-serving goals ...

Keith Wilson, Martinez, Ga.


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