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Mrs. Maria Olmsted ( APPLING, Ga.)

Mrs. Rebie Brassell (THOMSON)

Mr. William Porter Sr. (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Rebie Brassell (THOMSON)

Mrs. Kathryn Stirling (McCORMICK, S.C.)

Tajsha Adams (ATLANTA)

Mr. Velmer Brinkley (THOMSON)

Mr. Robert Griner (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Martha Gay (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Robert Milham (AUGUSTA, Ga)

Mrs. Lueretta Jordan (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Mabel Farr (THOMSON)

Mr. Joe Scott Sr. (WASHINGTON, Ga.)

Mr. James Widener (SPARTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Eva Baker (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Col. Glenn Enmon (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Sammy Reese (GROVETOWN, GA)

Mrs. Eva Baker (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mrs. Hannah Bradley (GREENSBORO, Ga.)

Mr. John Rheney Sr. (MACON, Ga.)

Mr. Walter Payne (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mrs. Mattie Lovett (ATLANTA, Ga.)

Mr. Walter White (SWAINSBORO, Ga.)

Keelan Howard (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Charles Phillips (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mr. John Rice Sr. (DOUGLAS, Ga.)

Mr. Sammy Reese (GROVETOWN, Ga.)

Ms. Frances Rebecca Mobley (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Ruby Saxon (HEPHZIBAH, Ga.)

Mrs. Martha Tyler (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mrs. Avice Ashley (SKOKIE, Ill.)

Mrs. Lizzie Abbott (HEALING SPRINGS, S.C.)

Mr. Randolph Gunnells Sr. (OLAR, S.C.)

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