Originally created 12/24/01

Christmas meaning

"The idea that God would be born into our world as a helpless infant, as the Christmas story teaches, is awe-inspiring, earth-shaking - and perhaps a little intimidating. It demands something of us that we're not always prepared to give, especially in this commitment-shy era. And besides, wasn't it terribly politically incorrect of God to think that we might need a Savior?

"But the truth is that no amount of giving, or getting, or even time with family members can bring the joy and peace found by those who look for the real 'real meaning' of Christmas, that Child in the manger. All attempts to create a satisfying 'holiday' without Him end up in frustration and burnout.

"This year, try to forget about the 'holiday' stress for at least a little while. Get a Bible, sit down - with family, or even alone - and spend some time reading the story in the second chapter of Luke that explains how the holiday got its name..."

- Gina R. Dalfonzo, Family Research Council writer.


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