Originally created 12/24/01

Journalism teacher irked by plagiarism

Regarding "Mayor's speech copied Bush's" in the Dec. 11 Metro section: I share Augusta Mayor Bob Young's embarrassment at giving a speech in which large parts of it were lifted, without citation, from one delivered earlier by President George W. Bush. What I don't share with the mayor is his inability to label his behavior under the heading of plagiarism.

As a high school journalism teacher, this is the standard term I use when teaching students how to use written material in the articles they write. Material lifted verbatim from others must be put in quotation marks with the source cited. In a public speech by a public official, no less should be demanded.

Mayor Young should have known where his words came from and should have made their source clear to the audience. The fact that the mayor has had a career in journalism makes his offense that much more repugnant.

Greg Davis, Augusta


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