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Thrown brick gets teens arrested

Two Augusta boys have been charged with throwing bricks at cars from an overpass, authorities said Sunday.

No one was hurt, but the bricks came within inches of hitting a vehicle carrying a man and his wife, sheriff's Deputy Charles Toole Jr. said.

The juveniles, ages 13 and 14, were caught Saturday after a foot chase involving Deputy Toole and Deputy Billy Jones in the Harrisburg community, Deputy Toole said. A third boy eluded police.

"Apparently, it was a Saturday, and they didn't have anything to do," Deputy Toole said.

Both teens were charged with a felony: committing terroristic threats or acts. The 13-year-old was released to his grandmother, but the 14-year-old was booked into the Regional Youth Detention Center after he initially refused to give his name.

Motorist Ronald Stahler said he was driving on Eve Street about 3 p.m. Saturday when he saw three boys leaning over the John C. Calhoun Expressway overpass. He said he slowed down when he heard a brick slam into the road beside his 1998 Acura.

"I was that close from a brick coming through my window," said Mr. Stahler, who was driving with his wife, Susan. "It was kind of scary."

Out of habit, Mr. Stahler looks up at bridges and overpasses before traveling underneath, he said. After realizing what had happened, he said, he was angry and did a U-turn, and called police on his cell phone.

But the sheriff's deputies already had been alerted to the incident and were chasing the group of boys when Mr. Stahler called, Deputy Toole said.

A charge of terroristic threats or acts is required by Georgia law, he said.

"You're causing someone's life to be in grave danger," Deputy Toole said.

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