Originally created 12/23/01

Leaders make a mess of Augusta

Augusta Commissioner Lee Beard and his fellow commissioners have been accused of being racists because they are, and they have been accused of micro-managing because they have. The commissioners have proven time and time again that the only agenda they are concerned with is their own. If things don't go the way they want, half of them vote "no" and the other half abstain.

Mr. Beard and the other commissioners have successfully turned Augusta into their own personal playground. Several well-qualified applicants have already been turned away because of their petty behavior. That Mr. Beard has the nerve to suggest that something be debated with an open mind and heart is almost laughable. Had he and the others not interfered with the hiring process, several of the vacant positions he mentioned could have already been filled, and all the attention could now be on the budget.

After watching them make a mess of Augusta, it makes me grateful that I don't live there, anymore.

Jaime Gallagher, Keysville, Ga.


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