Originally created 12/23/01

Criticism of Colin Powell unwarranted

More than once I have read Mr. Frank Murphy's letter of Dec. 19 in an effort to detect substance. It strikes me as a well-written hatchet job on U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell based on innuendo.

He asks why Mr. Powell was not consulted for "a full 10 hours" after the World Trade Center disaster, as though that is significant. As I recall, we did not immediately know who was responsible for the attack. That was a time for security measures to be put in place, but not necessarily for statesmanship. He implies, and only implies, that Mr. Powell - rather than Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf or former President Bush (the elder) - was responsible for not capturing Saddam Hussein. What is the basis for this animosity toward Colin Powell? Is it political partisanship or is it racism? Truly, I do not know.

I do know that persons with certain life experiences and world views will quickly assume racism. As an unintended and very unfortunate consequence, Mr. Murphy's letter lends undeserved credibility to the likes of Augusta Commissioners Marion Williams and Lee Beard when they play the race card regarding the indictment of Kester Uzochukwu, president of CSRA Waste. How sad that Mr. Murphy's letter should fuel such suspicions.

Don F. Gonella, Martinez, Ga.


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