Originally created 12/23/01

Across Georgia

State's job losses reach record high

ATLANTA -Georgia led the nation in the loss of jobs from November 2000 through last month, with 80,000 people added to the unemployment rolls, according to government figures.

The drop was the largest overall job loss for Georgia since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began keeping track in 1939. It surpassed other states with larger work forces, such as New York, California and Texas.

Social service workers suspended in fraud

ATLANTA -Two DeKalb County Department of Family and Children Services employees have been suspended for fraud after allegedly creating a family in order to receive its food stamps, officials confirmed Friday.

In one case, two workers created a case file a year ago for a family that doesn't exist in order to receive more than $5,800, said Wayne Drummond, director of the DeKalb Department of Family and Children Services office.

The second case involves charges that an employee persuaded two co-workers to write a $300 check to cover an overdue utility bill, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Saturday.

The employees could face criminal charges if the allegations are confirmed. Five workers have been suspended without pay.

Holiday hairstyle turns diners' heads

MACON -Why stop at the house and Christmas tree? A Macon cashier has created a Christmas beehive hairdo complete with blinking red lights and small wooden ornaments.

Some of Cynthia Warren's customers at a Golden Corral Restaurant are so intrigued by the hairstyle they run to their cars and return with cameras.

Mrs. Warren, a 32-year-old mother of six, says she decided to go all out on Christmas this year after spending a dismal holiday season in Germany last year. She and her children lived there with her husband, who worked for the Army.

"It just didn't seem like Christmas" because the Germans don't celebrate with Christmas lights and parades, she said.

Mrs. Warren conceals a battery pack under her clothing and wraps the cord in the back of the beehive with bobby pins. She has had her current decoration for about 2 1/2 weeks. The first, created in 90 minutes, topped her head in early December.


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