Originally created 12/16/01

'Feminist wind-bag' irks pro-lifer

In her Oct. 25 column, Ellen Goodman, pro-abortionist and feminist wind-bag, babbles on in her usual one-sided liberal style about the terror that's imposed on reproductive shops around the nation by pro-lifers.

When it comes to abortion, Ms. Goodman is completely oblivious to the other side; she never sees the violence committed against anti-abortionists nor does she ever write about the terror inflicted on the unborn child as it is butchered at the Planned Parenthood abattoir.

On a different note, there hasn't been too much said about arrests or charges being made against those who are spreading anthrax through the mail. I would bet that within 48 hours, the FBI and the American Civil Liberties Union would uncover the culprit(s) if the letters contained a scroll of the Ten Commandments.

Michael Henchy, Hephzibah, Ga.


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