Originally created 12/14/01

'Potter' film, books teach witchcraft

Regarding all of the hype over Harry Potter. I believe him to be very sinister. We as a nation wonder at how the Osama bin Ladens and John Walkers are formed; it stems from the very evil that Potter represents.

It is not acceptable for a teacher to read or promote the Bible, prayer or the Ten Commandments in school. Yet, a teacher can encourage and facilitate the study of Wicca - which is Satanism.

I wonder why the American Civil Liberties Union has not spoken up on this issue? If a teacher were forcing a child to read the Bible and do a book report, the ACLU would be filing injunctions and lawsuits of every kind.

However, a teacher can force a child to learn about witchcraft and all of its evil curses through Harry Potter, and no one says or does anything.

What appears to be very cute is really quite deceptive. It reminds me of how the subtle serpent convinced Eve in the garden to eat the forbidden fruit. It looked pleasing, but it brought such death and destruction on mankind.

Parents, wake up and get educated on what your children are being taught. I fear if we do not wise up and take action, we, as a nation, will reap reprehensible repercussions from these books and movies.

We are heading into the most holy of seasons - Christmas. Harry Potter is the very antithesis of Christmas and who it stands for.

It is my hope and prayer that parents will not buy any Harry Potter or his paraphernalia. Keep Christ in Christmas, and let us protect our children from the very origin of evil.

Laura A. Williamson, Lincolnton, Ga.


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