Originally created 12/14/01

Deplores Augusta Commission's racial votes

As long as the "august" Augusta Commission members continue playing their votes as "race" cards (i.e., black race and white race), Augusta will only continue its slide to nowhere.

To their credit, the commission "fired" a good administrator (Randy Oliver), then it was a fire chief and now they are taking on the EMS. Next it will be new City Administrator George Kolb. Look at what a mess the garbage pickup is in.

I heartily agree with the new fire chief candidate in turning down the job. He would have had 13 bosses. Everything the city commission votes for or against or abstains from is just plain "going to the dogs" when done along racial lines. White members are equally at fault, if not more so.

When I have to drive over there to the Veterans Administration, I keep seeing more and more plywood on windows and doorways every time. As long as city commissioners keep voting "racial," Augusta will never be a good place to retire. I count my blessings for deciding to come to Aiken to retire instead of Augusta.

Carl Champlin, Aiken, S.C.


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