Originally created 12/13/01

Raps letters on religion, Arafat

This is in response to two Dec. 1 letters: James K. Ellis ("Anti-Christ efforts creeping back") and Ronald Blum ("Arafat is terrorist-friendly leader").

Mr. Ellis commented that U.S. children do not need to accept any other religion. His statements are very significant after the Sept. 11 attacks. Every person ethically and religiously came together to help, give money or comfort one another. To now separate each other only feeds hate for our country.

Mr. Blum's comment that Yasser Arafat's administration harbors terrorism is untrue. The people of Palestine or the Palestine Liberation Organization have legitimate arguments for their land and the ability to govern themselves. They do not want to destroy America but to have the occupation of Palestine end.

Also, their political actions to curtail groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad have not been as fruitful, but will be in time ... If the PLO and Palestinian leader Arafat are harboring terrorists, why did President George W. Bush agree there should be a Palestinian state?

It's because the administration understands that any action to assassinate Mr. Arafat by either Israel or the U.S. will bring on a war in the Middle East the likes of which the world has never known. God help us.

Jihad Q. Bess, Augusta


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