Originally created 12/13/01

Raps critic of military tribunals

In response to Ellis H. Rece Jr.'s Nov. 29 letter, "Foreign terrorists tried unfairly," the government sees all terrorists as soldiers and, based on their actions of Sept. 11, they do not deserve any special consideration or even the rights and privileges of a citizen.

Mr. Rece should place his sympathy with the victims and heroes of the World Trade Center. It is citizens like him, with very limited knowledge of world affairs, who put their opinions out, which could influence other people in their feelings about this situation.

Military trials are guided by law and the uniform code of military justice. As such, they are speedy but are also fair to any person charged and brought before the military court system.

I wish Mr. Rece would reconsider his position and turn his concerns to the victims of this situation and anything that will happen in the future. There will be more incidents until we take care of the terrorist problem.

J. Pilgrim, Evans, Ga.


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