Originally created 12/13/01

Save Iraqi children; don't attack

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children have died as a result of economic sanctions against Iraq. There are many in the Bush administration who are calling for military action against Saddam Hussein, and President George W. Bush himself has alluded to unspecified plans to punish Iraq.

I worry that as a result of United States' actions, more innocent children will die.

Unilateral military action will alienate our allies and strengthen our adversaries. The United Kingdom and France have already indicated that they will not take part in a campaign against Iraq. An attack on Iraq now could be construed by many as a merciless attack against an already suffering civilian population and is likely to increase mounting anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world.

For Iraqi children and for the anti-terrorist coalition, an attack on Iraq would be disastrous.

Henry Gurr, Aiken, S.C.


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