Originally created 12/06/01

Don't force prayer down our throats

James K. Ellis's letter of Dec. 1 stated, "What the children need to know is that Jesus Christ is the only way. They do not need to accept any other religion..." This is precisely the attitude that has forced the removal of prayer from schools since each religion professes to know the "only way" to God.

Those of us who follow other faiths also believe that we are following the correct path to God, and we do not want our children to be forced to pray according to another religion at school or elsewhere. Mr. Ellis should consider how he would feel if someone suggested that the only religion that children needed to know was one other than Christianity and they would learn this in school.

If prayer is important to your family, teach your children to pray before going to school or suggest that they pray silently at any time in their hearts without attracting attention.

Lynne A. Howell, Evans, Ga.


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