Originally created 12/06/01

Pointing at Saudi prince distracts from America's faults

It's time to move on.

The Chronicle should print excerpts from the Saudi Arabian prince's press release that condoned the terrorists attacks against America.

Absence of any printable matter, The Chronicle should then write any printable evidence that Saudi Arabia is not an ally of this country. Absence of any printable matter, The Chronicle should print any printable matter about American women having to live under the same or similar conditions currently present in Saudi Arabia. We distract from our own faults by pointing at others.

History has revealed pleas for assistance between allies; it is quite common. And never were they considered traitorous acts until now. Did we consider pleas from the people of South Africa, Vietnam, South America, Korea, China and Poland traitorous? If I am not mistaken, we considered them courageous.

To the white people who ingeniously find ways to compare their lives with black representatives at any level in life: please. Within this great nation there are many divisions. Black America and white America, male America and female America, rich America, upper income America, middle income America, and, last but not least, poor America.

Each division's views are naturally different. However, only the black view is based on being forced to lie down with their enemy and then raise the enemies' children, knowing they are raising another generation of oppressors. All the time watching their own children being taken away and sold like cattle ...

The irony of it all is this country's laws had ample language to wipe out these conditions. Where were all the presently concerned voices in the '60s, '70s and '80's?

Bernard W. Clark, Keysville, Ga.


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