Originally created 12/05/01

NFL bringing fun and games to big game

NEW ORLEANS -- The NFL Experience, a collection of football-related games and activities, will be staged in conjunction with the Super Bowl after all.

When the Super Bowl was pushed back to Feb. 3 because of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, staging the full event looked doubtful.

"At first there was a possibility that we wouldn't get the whole experience," said Dan Haphold of the New Orleans Sports Foundation. "There isn't enough room for all of it in the convention center on the new weekend. But it's all going to be here now, with a new twist - part of it will be inside and part outside."

The event will be in New Orleans from Jan. 31 through Feb. 3. It will cover more than 500,000 square feet in the city's Morial Convention Center and feature more than 50 interactive games and activities. Another segment will be staged outside an abandoned casino sight about a mile from the convention center.

"Altogether it will be the same size it always is," Haphold said.

The attractions allow fans to take part in a variety of football-related games. There will also be a card show and a visual history of the NFL at the Hall of Fame NFL Throwbacks Exhibit.

"In light of recent events, fans this year will have the opportunity to purchase tickets to the NFL Experience at significantly reduced rates," NFL vice president Jim Steeg said.


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