Originally created 12/05/01

Bereaved husband lauds Rural-Metro's professionalism

The Chronicle's Dec. 2 ambulance editorial hit the nail on the head. I concur completely, and I speak from experience.

My late beloved wife of 63 years, Marie, died on Sept. 2. Beginning in early August, she became ill in our home and I had to call 911. Rural/Metro responded quickly. Not only were they prompt, but they were very professional and handled her very gently (she was in a great deal of pain) from a very difficult spot in the house to the ambulance. Then they safely delivered her to Doctors Hospital Emergency Room. She spent a few days in the hospital, then they returned her home.

After a few days at home, she fell again and I had to call 911. They arrived promptly and returned her to Doctors Hospital. I was very pleased with the manner in which they handled her.

At that time, the doctors had diagnosed her as terminal. The cancer was irreversible, as it had spread throughout her body, and I requested she be taken to the Hospice Unit of St. Joseph's Hospital where she died five days later.

Yesterday in the mail, I received a refund check for $31, as I had overpaid the bill. These people are not only professional and competent, they are honest. This effort by Augusta Commissioners Willie Mays and Marion Williams disgusts me.

Jack D. Sloan, Augusta


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