Originally created 12/04/01

Bush critic unpatriotic, treasonous

In this time of war against terrorism, I was disappointed you published Mark Gelbart's Nov. 16 letter, "President is too corrupt to win war."

I, as well as many retired servicemen I have spoken with, am proud to call President George W. Bush our commander in chief. In this time of national crisis, he has united America, whereas the Clinton administration divided and poisoned our country with scandals, immorality, corruption and lies.

Perhaps Mr. Gelbart longs for Clinton's "good old days." I might add that Clinton's weak foreign policy and spineless attitude toward America's enemies only encouraged those who planned and executed the attacks on Sept. 11.

It took eight years for Clinton to wreck the military and cripple our intelligence services, and I think that President Bush's efforts to thoughtfully and deliberately plan and carry out this war with the assets that we have left deserve our applause and appreciation.

As far as I am concerned, Mr. Gelbart is not a patriotic American and his letter was treasonous and irresponsible.

Gary F. Blanchard, Appling, Ga.


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