Originally created 12/04/01

Louisiana Tech headed for Boise

BOISE, Idaho -- Louisiana Tech, which won the Western Athletic Conference in its first season as a member, accepted an invitation Monday to play in the Humanitarian Bowl on Dec. 31.

"Being able to get into this bowl and be in a conference, you are going to see this program taking off from here," coach Jack Bicknell said.

The Bulldogs (7-4) will face an undetermined at-large opponent. Among the possibilities reportedly under consideration are UCLA (7-4), Mississippi (7-4) or Clemson (6-5).

Another possibility is an all-WAC showdown between Louisiana Tech and Boise State (8-4), which has won the game the past two seasons. That would allow the WAC to channel both of the $750,000 payouts awarded to each team.

However, Bicknell doesn't support that possibility. The Bulldogs beat Boise State 48-42 on Nov. 3 in Ruston, La.

"To me, to have the champion of the Western Athletic Conference to have to go and play someone they have already beaten on their home field is not right," Bicknell said.

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