Originally created 12/02/01

Is it now OK to kill babies, too?

I have written letters in the past regarding my complete disgust with abortion and all who support it. Now, I would like to bring before you an even more disturbing situation: the murder of children already born and the absolute uncaring attitude of society.

I write this after seeing two articles within a week regarding people who had murdered a baby - their own baby, mind you - and served just a couple of years and now are being released. Why, you may ask, are they being released? Is it because of some new evidence found that may indicate they are innocent?

Not hardly. It is because they have shown "good behavior" while in prison. Not after 10 years, but after only two, they are being released for good behavior. One after serving two years; the other after serving three years.

Besides being released early, how about the sentence itself? One was given 15 years and the other, I believe 20 years. Oh, now let's not go overboard with the punishment; after all, they didn't steal videos for the third time and deserve, let's say, life or death.

So now, not only is it all right to kill a baby before it is born, but it is all right to kill one after it is born. What a society. It should make the justice system proud to know it is looking after the rights of these people and setting them free to kill again.

After all, under the present system, they can kill two more times before someone will take notice.

Richard Dixon, Hephzibah, Ga.


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