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PGA Q-school finals feature area hopefuls

John Engler of Augusta and Richard Johnson of Martinez are in south Florida, preparing to play in today's first round of the finals of the PGA Tour Qualifying School tournament.

They hope to return as full-fledged PGA Tour members when the six-round event concludes Monday.

To reach the finals, Engler made it through a second-stage qualifier in Kingwood, Texas, while Johnson advanced in a qualifier in Orlando, Fla.

Former Augustan Stiles Mitchell of Baton Rouge, La., is also in the finals.

The grueling, 106-hole finals are being played at the Jack Nicklaus-designed Bear Lakes Country Club in West Palm Beach, Fla.

The top 35 finishers in the 167-player field will earn playing privileges on the 2002 PGA Tour. The balance will earn conditional status on the 2002 Buy.com Tour.

Engler, who graduated from Clemson in May after a stellar career with the Tigers, isn't the youngest player in the field by a long shot.

That distinction goes to Orlando's Ty Tryon, a 17-year-old who is bypassing college golf and jumping straight to the pros.

Tyron showed no nerves in his second-stage qualifier, opening with a 63 and eventually finishing tied for 12th at Orange County National Golf Club in Orlando.

Former University of Georgia golfer Erik Compton, another player in the finals, is also younger than Engler. Compton, the first heart transplant recipient to play in a PGA Tour event, left Georgia in June after his sophomore year.

Former winners on the PGA Tour who are in the tournament include Michael Bradley, Tommy Tolles, Robert Gamez, Nolan Henke, Paul Goydos, Trevor Dodds, Brian Claar and Russ Cochran.


WOODSIDE: Dan Plyer, No. 15, Cupp Course, 150 yards, 7-iron. Bob Malloy, No. 4, Cup Course, 140 yards, 9-iron. Witness: Rita Malloy. Jim Walters, No. 17, Jones Course, 132 yard, 9-iron.

POINTE SOUTH: Greg Lee, No. 18, 5-iron. Witnesses: Larry Brown, Tony Claxton and Darwin McGary. Tommy Willis, No. 4, pitching wedge. Witnesses: Paul Casey, Doug Cooper and James Burnett.

AUGUSTA GOLF COURSE: Wendell Hofman, No. 14, 7-iron. Witness: Tom Mills. Jake Johnson, No. 19, 9-iron. Witnesses: James Perkins and Charles Huggins. >

BELLE MEADE: Raymond Timmerman, No. 11, 101 yards, wedge. Witnesses: Bill Windsor and A.B. Wallace. Rebecca Reese, No. 11, 78 yards, wedge.

SAVANNAH LAKES: Marcia Coster, No. 11, Tara, 133 yards. Witness: Mary Ellen Warick.

MOUNT VINTAGE: Doug Cowart, No. 15, 157 yards, 5-wood. Witness: Bobby Cowart.

NORTH AUGUSTA Country Club: Lance Jones, No. 6, 6-iron. Witness: North Augusta Mayor Lark Jones.

CEDAR CREEK: John Groteluschen, No. 5, 108 yards, wedge. Witness: John Dingle.

GOSHEN: San Journeygan, No. 4, 120 yards, 7-wood. Witnesses: Wendy Pope, Mike Pope, Butch Journeygan. Wayne Pulliam, No. 4.

APPLEWOOD: Anthony English, No. 9, 171 yards, 3-iron. Witnesses: Fred Godbee, Andrew Williams.

PINE RIDGE: Milledge Johnson, No. 7, 186 yards. Witnesses: Jerry Bass, Jay Bass, Norman Booker and Jay Jennings.

ROCKY BRANCH: Joe Banks, No. 14, 110 yards. Witnesses: Al Holloway, Kenny Newsome.

WEST LAKE: Rob Stephens, No. 17, 8-iron. Witnesses: Scott Resseguie and Marvin Brown.

Double Eagles

AUGUSTA GOLF COURSE: Fred Klein, No. 12, driver, 7-iron. Witness: Neil Klein. Danny Cawley, No. 12. Witnesses: Butch Lord, Jackey Klause and Joe Henderson.

GREEN MEADOWS: Dan Marshall, No. 17, driver and 7-wood. Witnesses: Jim Dawkins, C.H. Sasser and Tommy Wilbanks.

MOUNT VINTAGE: Richard Johnson, No. 6, driver, 6-iron. Witnesses: Joey Barksdale, Doug Coleman and Chris Kuhlke.

Eagles on par-4s

AUGUSTA GOLF COURSE: Bob West, No. 15, 5-wood. Witnesses: Bobby Truitt and Roy Johnson.

FOREST HILLS: Bill Lewis, No. 18. Witnesses: Jim Hardy, T.K. Rice, Gasper Blandeburgo.


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