Originally created 11/28/01

Finds Bush war critic 'disgraceful'

Mark Gelbart's disgraceful Nov. 16 letter, "President is too corrupt to win war," asserts our government is too corrupt and too incompetent for the United States to win the war against terrorism. His obvious contempt for the "crooked" Bush family is the focus of his bitterness. He is an ignominious citizen.

As a global military strategist, Mr. Gelbart has let his intense dislike for our president blind him completely. Were he in control, his plan for success would have us break up the coalition and divide our military resources.

Under his "leadership," we would be fighting simultaneously Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Fortunately, such an ill-conceived plan to spread us thin was not likely considered by those better trained to make such decisions.

President George W. Bush has repeatedly told the American people that we will seek out terrorism and "put the finger on" terrorists wherever they hide and that this war on terrorism will take time.

Mr. Gelbart was apparently neither listening nor reading with comprehension. He should be ashamed of himself.

Kenneth M. Towe, Tennille, Ga.


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